Installing Air App for all users

Installing Air App for all users

I am making an AIR app that is launched from the browser. When the user is changed the browser cannot launch the AIR app. Is there a way to set some param in the application.xml file or somewhere else to have the app be installed so that all users have access to it?

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The problem is, as I understand it, is that while AIR applications are by default installed as system-wide applications, the information needed to do SWF-badge based launching is based on files that are stored on a per-user basis.

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If this is the case then it makes sense why a user who has never actually run the AIR application can not launch the badge - the badge can't tell if the machine has the application installed.

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This would also mean that if the user has launched the AIR application it should then be able to be launched from the badge..
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I don't have time right at this moment to prove this out, but based on my experiences with building custom badge installers I believe it to be true..
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