Is S3 usable in Flex through a browser?

Is S3 usable in Flex through a browser?

I am aware that Amazon S3 is usable in Flex via an AIR application ( ) but was curious if the same applied to a browser ( swf ) compilation of Flex source.

At it states that:

"It only works in Apollo because of restrictions in the browser player." (Apollo is the code name for what is now called AIR - the desktop runtime.)

Does anyone have any experience with this and can confirm otherwise?

Thank you.

EDIT: No one has tried this?

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This is because Flash Player running in the browser does not have access to the response headers.

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Amazon S3 is probably sending important informations in response headers.

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This was discussed before:.
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You could try using 3rd party library called as3httpclientlib, code examples at
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