How to get public properties of a class?

How to get public properties of a class?

I can't use simply get_class_vars() because I need it to work with PHP version earlier than 5.0.3 (see Changelog)

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This is possible by using reflection..
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<?php  class Foo {   public $alpha = 1;   protected $beta = 2;   private $gamma = 3; }  $ref = new ReflectionClass('Foo'); print_r($ref->getProperties(ReflectionProperty::IS_PUBLIC)); 
the result is:.
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Array (     [0] => ReflectionProperty Object         (             [name] => alpha             [class] => Foo         )  ) 

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You can make your class implement the IteratorAggregate interface.
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class Test implements IteratorAggregate {     public    PublicVar01 = "Value01";     public    PublicVar02 = "Value02";     protected ProtectedVar;     private   PrivateVar;      public function getIterator()     {         return new ArrayIterator($this);     } }   $t = new Test() foreach ($t as $key => $value) {     echo $key." = ".$value."<br>"; } 
This will output:.
PublicVar01 = Value01 PublicVar02 = Value02     


Or you can do this:.
$getPublicProperties = create_function('$object', 'return get_object_vars($object);'); var_dump($getPublicProperties($this)); 

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