How to set a property of a UIKit class or subclass for all future instantians?

How to set a property of a UIKit class or subclass for all future instantians?

What sort of Objective-C runtime magic do I need to use to make it so a property for an object is always set to a value than its normal default. For example, UIImageView's userInteractionEnabled is always false, but I want to my own UIImageview subclass to always have userInteractionEnabled set to true. Is the same thing achievable without subclassing UIImageView?

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You could create a new category for UIImageView and add a new initializer:.
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// UIImageView(CustomInitialization).h @interface UIImageView (CustomInitialization)  - (id)customInitWithImage:(UIImage *)image;  @end   // UIImageView(CustomInitialization).m #import "UIImageView(CustomInitialization).h"  @implementation UIImageView (CustomInitialization)  - (id)customInitWithImage:(UIImage *)image {     if (self = [self initWithImage:image])     {         self.userInteractionEnabled = YES;     } }  @end 
You will need to include UIImageView(CustomInitialization).h in your code, and then call your initializer every time you want the default properties set:.
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UIImageView * iview = [[UIImageView alloc] customInitWithImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"pic.png"]];.
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Create a category with an init method and/or convenience constructor that sets the property for you.

Setting values in the constructor is how pretty much all "object defaults" are handled in Objective-C, and fortunately categories let you add any functionality you like to a class as long as it doesn't require extra instance variables..

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