jersey integration with spring

jersey integration with spring

I want to use Jersey 1.1 with spring 2.5. The exact thing that i need to do is write a interface which would be exposed as the service and implementation in a class that extends the interface.

I cannot do it in applicationContext.xml, maybe because the XSD has changed.

Could some one provide with a sample code/snippet/file where they have been able to implement this successfully.

Thanks in Advance, Adhir Aima

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got it finally..

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the new schema does support the basic bean definitions so the interface and the implementation classes can be specified using the old technique.
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<bean id="myService" class="org.springframework.aop.framework.ProxyFactoryBean"> <property name="proxyInterfaces"> 	<value>com.poc.service.MyServiceInterface</value> </property> <property name="target" ref="myServiceimpl" /> 
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