Portlets - Keeping session alive from server side

Portlets - Keeping session alive from server side

I am implementing jsr 186 portlets, with some servlets to the mix to implement some ajax. The problem is if I only make AJAX calls for some time, I lose the session. Strangely, keeping alive the servlet session does not prevent the portlet session from timing out.

Is there a way I can keep the session alive from within my servlets, on the server side?

FWIW I'm using spring and spring mvc/portlet.

Thanks, Miguel Ping

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I had the same problem.

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(Using OpenPortal Portlet Container).
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As I know there is two different sessions, 1- portlet session, 2- Container session..
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I created a simple portlet and made request to the portlet with ajax periodically from container.

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However, session times out.

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My code fraction is here:.
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<%     int per=15000; //ms     String sessionExtenderPath = "http://portal.abc.com.tr:8080/SessionExtend/SessionExtend";     //This is a portlet which includes servlet that returns a simple string. 

%> <script> periyod=100; function invokeRequest(){ $.get("< %=sessionExtenderPath% >", function(data) { alert(1); }); } window.setInterval("invokeRequest()",periyod); </script>
I have solved my problem by requesting container page (wihout defining a channel for a portlet).. Thanks for edit..


I implemented it using a javascript timer that kept polling a portlet url.

The portlet url was generated beforehadn so it was accessible in javascript..

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