How do I setQueryTimeout on SimpleJdbcTemplate?

How do I setQueryTimeout on SimpleJdbcTemplate?

The Spring Framework has two similar classes: JdbcTemplate is the old, Java 1.4 class, and SimpleJdbcTemplate is newer, with nicer methods.

JdbcTemplate has a method setQueryTimeout, which basically gives me access to a method with the same name on the underlying Statement object.

Is there any way to do something similar with a SimpleJdbcTemplate?

Solution: Based on skaffman's answer, I create the SimpleJdbcTemplate object myself from a JdbcTemplate, so now I can do whatever I want. Code:

JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate = this.getJdbcTemplate(); jdbcTemplate.setQueryTimeout(30); SimpleJdbcTemplate simpleJdbcTemplate = new SimpleJdbcTemplate(jdbcTemplate); 

A bit of a mouthful, but gets the job done.

Update: This is indeed more complicated than necessary. See the answer.

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SimpleJdbcTemplate isn't a replacement for JdbcTemplate, it's just a java5-friendly supplement to it, for certain operations which can take best advantage of varargs and generics..
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If you look at the source for SimpleJdbcTemplate, you'll see that it delegates all of its work to a JdbcTemplate object, and so by setting the timeout (or the other options) on JdbcTemplate, you implicitly set them on the SimpleJdbcTemplate also..
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If you're obtaining the SimpleJdbcTemplate via SimpleJdbcDaoSupport.getSimpleJdbcTemplate(), then the JdbcTemplate will already have been wired up correctly.

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For example:.
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public class MyDao extends SimpleJdbcDaoSupport {     public void doStuff() {         getJdbcTemplate().setQueryTimeout(x);         getSimpleJdbcTemplate().execute(...);     } } 
The SimpleJdbcTemplate contains the same JdbcTemplate as is retrieved by getJdbcTemplate().. If you don't extend SimpleJdbcDaoSupport, then yes, you need to manually construct a SimpleJdbcTemplate yourself..

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