Clone multiple SVN projects with git-svn

Clone multiple SVN projects with git-svn

I have a large Java app that is split up into multiple projects. Each project has its own folder in a Subversion repository like so:


  • trunk
  • branches
  • tags


  • trunk
  • branches
  • tags


  • trunk
  • branches
  • tags


I want to start using git-svn locally instead of subversion.

This may be a stupid question, but is there a way to checkout all the projects in the repository at once (including branches and all) instead checking out each project individually?

Thanks, Tony

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for DIR in AccountingCore Common WebCommon; do mkdir $DIR; cd $DIR; git init; git svn init -s svn://host/path/$DIR; git svn fetch; cd ..; done.
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Just to improve on earlier answer, instead of .
for DIR in AccountingCore Common WebCommon; do ... 

DIRS=`svn ls svn://host/path`; for DIR in $DIRS; do ... 



just checkout at the root path.

If your repo is hosted here:. svn://host/path/AccountingCore svn://host/path/Common svn://host/path/WebCommon. Then do your git svn command on svn://host/path..

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