How to sort numeric and literal columns in Vim

How to sort numeric and literal columns in Vim

Using Vim 6.0. Say I'm editing this file:

sdfsdg dfgdfg  34     12 2      4 45     1 34     5 

How do I sort the second column?

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If you have decent shell available, select your numbers and run the command.
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:'<,'>!sort -n -k 2 
If you gonna type this in visual mode, after typing the colon, markers '<,'> will appead automatically, and you'll only have to type the rest of it..
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This type of commands (:[motion]!) is called filtering.

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You can learn more by consulting vim's help:.
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:h filter 

Linux/Ubuntu directory location ~/.vim/syntax/

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sort all lines on second column N.
:sort /.*\%2v/ 


For vim7 I would go for:.
:sort n /.*\s/ 
This will sort numbers ignoring text matched by given regexp.

In your case it is second column..


sort by second column.
(visual + !sort)  
sort by third column.
sort -k 3  
:sort /.*\%3v/ 
Or .
select the lines you wish to sort using the Capital V command. 

Then enter !sort -k 3n
or .
the below code tells VIM to skip the first two words in every line and to sort on whatever follows: :%sort /^\S\+\s\+\S\+\s\+/  

sort by 8th line :sort /.*\%55v/ The 'virtual' specification is the absolute column number, which treats spaces and tabs as a single character (in other words, it does NOT count tabs as 8 spaces (or whatever your tab settings are).

sort by the last column.
:%sort /\<\S\+\>$/ r 

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