How can I tell whether screen is running?

How can I tell whether screen is running?

I am trying to run a Python program to see if the screen program is running. If it is, then the program should not run the rest of the code. This is what I have and it's not working:

#!/usr/bin/python  import os var1 = os.system ('screen -r > /root/screenlog/screen.log') fd = open("/root/screenlog/screen.log") content = fd.readline()  while content:  if content == "There is no screen to be resumed.":   os.system ('/etc/init.d/')   print "The tunnel is now active."  else:   print "The tunnel is running." fd.close() 

I know there are probably several things here that don't need to be and quite a few that I'm missing. I will be running this program in cron.

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from subprocess import Popen, PIPE  def screen_is_running():     out = Popen("screen -list",shell=True,stdout=PIPE).communicate()[0]     return not out.startswith("This room is empty") 

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Maybe the error message that you redirect on the first os.system call is written on the standard error instead of the standard output.

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You should try replacing this line with:.
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var1 = os.system ('screen -r 2> /root/screenlog/screen.log') 
Note the 2> to redirect standard error to your file..
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